3 ½ months course
Chapter wise test and Subsequent clarification & discussion
Special emphasis and discussions on REVISED SYLLABUS
Paper I and Paper II of U. P. S. C. Questions' discussion in the Class on the questions of UPSC in Paper I and Paper 2,
Weekly tests
3 Hour Comprehensive tests on MAINS
Special Emphasis on application of MAINS - Paper I
Special Emphasis on Case studies in Mains Paper II
Special Emphasis Promoting application based sociological thinking
21 booklets for Mains
Snap shot Sheets for Each Chapter
Preview Sheets of U.P.S.C. questions
Competent assignment and study Materials
Personal Attention and Total Commitment
Well proven scientific way of planned program of teaching & Learning
Strict discipline
Systematic guidance for obtaining better score
" Highly competitive environment based class room programme

Fee : Rs.30,000/- Only


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