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Classroom Program
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Our Class room program begins just after the Prelims in the month of June. We offer consultancy to each and every student through personal interaction with the Director of the institute. In order to help the students to grasp subjects very effectively, we recommend that they thoroughly go through the basics with the help of NCERT books of classes IX and X. This in effect will help the students to effectively understand the subject of Sociology and others. Essay writing primarily looks at creating comprehensive ideas of different issues prevail in the society. In order to help the students capture the essence for Essay writing, we recommend them to read newspapers such as The Hindu, The Times of India and The Hindustan Times. Guidance is also extended to the students on the methods of comprehension and analysis of the various sections of the newspapers for effective preparation. In addition expert guidance is provided to analyse the various magazines for comprehension and application of the same in writing Essays for securing high marks.
In regard to subject of Sociology, every aspect of the subject is discussed in detail in the class. Every student is extended total opportunity to interact with Director of the institute just after the class room session. Also, special hours are dedicated by the Director for the same with a view to ensure that every student is conceptually clear on every aspect of the subject.
RIAS Places lot of emphasis on the course material and the documents which are delivered to the students are carefully prepared for their study and understanding including on sharpening their personal skills. A highly disciplined environment is maintained and there is zero tolerance to indiscipline of any type since the preparation for civil services examination requires great degree of self discipline and effective time management. There are several students studying in our institute who are from various parts of our country and it is our utmost duty to take care of each and every one of them and make them understand the complexity in the competition and the competitive environment. We therefore help them to mould themselves to find their own ways to handle the competition and the competitive environment.
Features of the Class Room Sessions:6 Months Course
» Limited Seats with Personal Attention just after class.
» Compulsory 15 MAIN Weekly Test
» Compulsory 15 PRELIM Weekly Test
» 21 MAIN Booklets provided
» 15 PRELIM Booklets provided
» Special Focus on MAINS Writing Skill with AQTQ Model Format
» Special Focus on Scientific Way to Clear the PRELIMS
» Primary importance is given to Basic/ Fundamentals of SOCIOLOGY

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