Hostel Facilities

RIAS Academy provides very good hostel facilities to the students hailing from other States. The rooms are well furnished, airy, attached bathrooms with proper housekeeping facilities in addition to number of other amenities for an ambience suited for taking up serious studies. The main objectives behind these facilities are hygiene and cleanliness factors to offer healthy and homely atmosphere for the students choosing to avail this facilities. Mess arrangements are available on cooperative basis which offer healthy and hygienic food.

The charges for hostel facilities are based on the existing market conditions. RIAS has no profitable role in making the accommodation facilities available for the students. RIAS has a role to play in the reliability of the resources offering the accommodation as the accommodation is taken from the nearby areas. In fact house owners approach RIAS for sending the students to their accommodation. All the charges for the accommodation are directly paid by the students to the tenants, however RIAS takes care of the interest of both tenants and the students such that the ambience for the students is available absolutely comfortable and a sense of feel free situation to enable the students to concentrate on their studies.




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