Students who take classes in the RIAS Academy provide their testimonials which include lots of love and attachment they have with us long time even after they complete their courses. Some of those testimonials are.........

Dear Ramaswamy sir,

Warm greetings and my sincere regards to you. Trust all is excellent as always with you. Last week one of my friends from TISS Mumbai( where I have completed my Masters) contacted me for your reference. It then dawned on me that it is my duty to update one of my remarkable teachers about my current state of affairs.

Sir, you'll be pleased to know that I am working in the Supreme Court Commissioners Office with Dr. NC Saxena and Shri Harsh Mander. I am Research Officer here working on reports for Supreme Court and agenda for the state meeting (with the Chief Secretaries) on the compliance of the court orders on the Centrally Governed schemes. I joined office after my study in TISS.

I remember that I had sent you a text message after my second unsuccessful attempt in civil services. Self motivated to persist in administration, I opted to take a break for further studies before I revert to the preparation.

I have five years and two attempts left. I take out some time reading newspaper/books/journals- just to keep up the momentum. Working full time in Commissioners office, I cannot join classes but is hopeful of having a way out. I intend to give my third attempt in 2013.

I have always suggested your name for Sociology to all my friends and colleagues and wish that you bless me to be able to work even harder and with consistency!

If you deem it appropriate, I can come to meet you on any of the Sunday(s)- as rest of the days I have to be in office.

Thanking you,

With Regards,

Pallavi Nayek
Research Officer
Office of the Commissioners to the Supreme Court

Dear Sir,

I was your student at RIAS Rajendra Nagar, june-sept 2009 batch. How have you been? Hope all well with you. I have been wanting to meet you but unfortunately did not get a chance.

I didnt take the civil services exam last time because I was too disheartened as I didnt get any service in the list of 2009-10. However this year they have taken out a 2nd merit list in which I have been selected. I have been allotted the Indian Postal Service and will be joining the postal staff college at Ghaziabad on 26th of December.

Sir, this achievement wouldn't have been possible without your constant support and motivation. I have been told by several senior bureaucrats that the Indian Postal Service is an excellent service and offers great career opportunity. Still I plan to take another shot at the exam next year. Need your blessings for that :)

Thank you Sir ! :)

Yours sincerely,

I was wondering for the right guidance on my way towards IAS preparation but I was not knowing my core competency. Then I met Dr. Ramaswamy who not only guided me in choosing my core competent areas but also helped me to boost up my morals for the right and self disciplined study of the exams. In civil services I really believe that we have lot of things to do but the right approach is to complete them one by one and in the way to revise the previous ones. Reading lot of books not make sense but I think reading good books for many time i.e revising really makes sense.........Ranjit Singh(June 2009 Batch).

Hi, I am from Madhubani in Bihar, I was not able to locate the right institute in Delhi from that distant place. This website will be really a good and helpful effort to find the real pool of nectar for my kind of students who prepare for such a respectable job....They are really good and I recommend you to take classes from Dr. Ramaswamy who is really a dedicated person.....Shashank(June 2009 Batch).

I am from jalandar , punjab. I had coaching from RIAS and found it very good in defining my boundaries for the preparation of the exams.....Shalini(June 2009).

Hello, I am from Faridabad and preparing for prelims 2010 and RIAS has helped me lot in developing the feeling of nationalism. The best moment was when National channel came to RIAS for the coverage of Class room Session. we were given opportunities for the interaction and we found it very useful to speak in front of media.......Abhishek (June 2009)

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