Test Series Program


Tests are integral part of the curriculum of RIAS and it is believed that "Reading makes the individual perfect" and "writing makes him/her exact". Therefore in RIAS, we attach extreme importance to take care of the Writing skills of the students. RIAS conducts preparatory tests to the students on every Saturday which is meant to consolidate the learning facts from the classes. As time moves towards the completion of the subject, RIAS ensures that the curriculum becomes more impressive and attractive such that every student feels the valid stress which is very positive and makes them charged up to secure high marks and reach top standards. It is our experience that students after completing the exams of the civil services convey that "RIAS has actually provided them real time experience in the class room in every session". This is the phenomenon only extended by RIAS. This obviously means that the students feel the heat and stress during the coaching period but subsequent to exams feel relaxed and easy because they deliver very well to the requirements of the UPSC exam standards.

RIAS conducts 15 tests during the preparation of the Prelims and Mains. Hence both the courses are treated separately due to the difference in the kind of courses and study material. Mains preparation is more related with the subject and theory writing components where as the Prelims is more related to factual data and summarising.

Dr. B. Ramaswamy, the Director checks the answer sheets by himself and offers one to one consultancy to each student such that they take corrective measures to perfect their answer writing process. It may be interesting to note that the students travel to our office from longer distances primarily because we support each and every one of them to bring about greater improvement which no other Institute offers.

Test Series G.S: 2013

MAIN TEST- Syllabus - Socio -2013

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